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In Mykolayiv, owner of supermarket attacked journalists

02.08.2017, 18:08
In Mykolayiv on Sunday, July 23, a former MP Victor Horbachov, who owns the supermarket “Sotka”, attacked the head of the Union of Consumers of Ukraine Maksym Nesmiyanov and the filming crew of the program “Skazhit, bud laska” during revision of his store. Maksym Nesmiyanov wrote about this on his Facebook page. «We are now in “Sotka” at Soborna. We were attacked by the supermarket’s owner. Look at this dump – and this is the central supermarket of Mykolayiv. A lot of products are past their due dates. This is shame. P.S. Look where they wash their knives in the cake shop. The store has a lot of contraband goods on shelves. Still, state agencies inspecting it found nothing.», Nesmiyanov wrote. He attached the photos of overdue products being sold in Horbachov’s supermarket. In her comment to NikLife, the hostess of «Skazhit, bud laska» Svitlana Makhnicheva said that when they were filming the program in the supermarket’s retail floor, the supermarket’s owner Victor Horbachov entered, and she decided to get his comment and told him there were a lot of overdue products in his store. In response, Horbachov began to push the journalist and grab her hands trying to take away the mic.  Svitlana Makhnicheva wrote a complaint to the police about obstruction to her lawful professional journalist activities.
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