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In Mykolaiv, state-owned enterprise withholds requested information from journalist, giving as excuse problems caused by virus «Petya»

29.07.2017, 10:35
A branch of the Seaports Administration of Ukraine «Delta-Lotsman» does not provide to journalist of Mykoilaiv online media outlet "" Andriy Lokhmatov the information he requested for over a month, giving as an excuse problems caused by the attack of the virus «Petya» in June of this year. This was reported by the regional IMI correspondent. The journalist sent the request on June 22, and, according to the law, the response to him should have been provided within 5 working days. He received a phone call from an employee of the enterprise Oleksandr Bloshenko, who explained they need an extra week for the response due to the virus attack. Yet, in a week, the response was not given. When the journalist called the enterprise again, he received an answer that the person responsible for this matter was now on vacation, and a proposal to re-file the request. But even as he did, the response was never given, although Mr. Bloshenko promised to do it "tomorrow" several times.
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