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In Mykolaiv, attorney threatens journalist for recording near court building

04.04.2016, 17:18

On April 1, in Mykolaiv, journalist of “Prestupnosti.NET” Taras Leontian was threatened with physical violence for photo and video recording near the building of the Court of Appeals by attorney Volodymyr Vertsiukh, as the website of the media outlet reports.

The incident took place right after the court session, where the officer of Military Police Viktor Viyeru tried to prove to the judge collegium that he was sober when traffic accident occured. Vertsiukh was the officer's attorney. After the session, correspondent of the media outlet decided to take a picture of Viyeru and his attorney who were leaving the building, yet Vertsiukh reacted to this in an aggressive and rude manner, threatening to beat the journalist and then sue him.

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