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In Mezhyhirya, journalists’ receipts found for paid articles in "Izvestiya" and at "NewsOne"

13.05.2014, 12:40

In Mezhyhirya, recepts of the journalists were found, for the paid materials in the newspaper “Izvestiya v Ukrainie” and at the TV channel “NewsOne”, Espreso.TV informs.

According to Espreso.TV, they have documents from the Presidential palace in Mezhyhirya that prove that people from the team of Levochkin at "Inter" were receiving huge honoraries for the materials against the opposition. The TV channel prepares a set of materials about how Yanukovich paid for “black PR”. In particular, the documents reveal involvement of the general director of the channel News One and the person responsible for news content at “Inter”, Lavrentiy Malazonia, as well as Yanina Sokolovska from "Izvestiya v Ukrainie".

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