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In Mariupol, police officers forbade journalist to record traffic accident, in which head of National Police of Kyiv was involved

01.06.2016, 22:03

In Mariupol, Donetska oblast, armed police officers were forbidding the Magnolia TV journalist Mykola Riabchenko to conduct video recording of a traffic accident. The traffic accident occurred on the eve of May 30. The head of Kyiv National Police Yuriy Zozulia came to the city for the solemn ceremony of launching the operation of the patrol police in the city. He crashed into another car at a crossing of Italiyska and Metalurhiv streets.

 When the journalist arrived to the site, police officers armed with assault rifles prohibited him to do the video record of the site. After the journalist showed his journalist ID, police officers still did not allow the recording. Only later, he was allowed to record, yet was forbidden from stepping to the road from the sidewalk. 

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