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In Maiupol, communal enterprise compilacted access to information for journalist

16.05.2017, 16:04

The communal commercial enterprise “Mariupolteplomerezha” (Donetska oblast) untimely answered the information request from the journalist of the Hromadske TV of Donbas Victoria Savytska. The company’s manager in public relations and staff development Olena Konderova demanded that the journalist submit the request on an official letterhead. Victoria Savytska reported this to the IMI representative in Donetska oblast.

According to the journalist, she sent the official request on April 26 to the company and received its answer with a delay over the timeframe established by the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public information”.

“First they sent me a refuse with an explanation that my request has to be on an official letterhead and with a wet stamp. Then they were allegedly on vacation. And after that, and after several calls from me, when the conversation escalated to shouting I finally received the information I needed”, says Savytska.

She adds that she was unable to find on the enterprise’ website either the contacts of the press service or the email to send requests to.

Also Savytska pointed out that other communal enterprises of Mariupol present no such challenges to journalists and provide their contact information on their websites.

The journalist believes that “Mariupolteplomerezha” is so guarded due to its problems.

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