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In Luhanska oblast, local territorial election committee introduced requirements for registration of journalists

29.09.2015, 19:51

On September 18 in the town of Rubizhne, Luhanska oblast, the local city election committee adopted the Procedure for providing documents and registration at committee sessions, which restricts journalists’ access. The Opora website informs about this. To be considered a "journalist", one needs to file a copy of the ID and a reference paper from the relevant mass media certifying that the person in question is indeed a journalist of the media outlet, a copy of the extract from the register certifying the media outlet’s registration, and the journalist’s application form that specifies how exactly he or she intends to record at the session (video, audio recording, etc.). OPORA considers this a restriction because the definition of journalists given in the law states that a journalist ID provided by the media outlet is a sufficient confirmation of their status.

  On September 22, as IMI informed earlier, in the same town of Rubizhne, "Tochka Opory" journalist Maksym Danylchenko was not admitted to a committee session as committee members claimed journalists have a right to be present only on the day of elections. 

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