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In last twо months, 70 thousand hack attempts were conducted against website

05.11.2015, 21:07

In September and October, there were 69 thousand attempts to hack, the TV channel 1+1’s news program TSN’s website. In October, the number of attempts exceeded 33 thousand, and in September, there were over 36 thousand attempts. The internal report of the 1+1 Media’s technical department shows these results, the 1+1’s news site reports.

"The number of attacks is usually related to the situation in the country. We already had to deal with hack attempts against our website during Maidan events, one more peak was when Russia started its invasion into Ukraine. Now we are thoroughly covering the local elections in Ukraine. Naturally, many parties dislike such coverage by us. This, to our opinion, is the main reason for increased activities of the hackers ", Т’s editor-in-chief Kostiantyn Voytenko said.

The 1+1 Media’s technical director Pylyp Petrenko said that defense against the attacks is possible due to using state-of-art software and applying a set of security measures developed by the company’s IT department.

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