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In Kyiv, unknown persons took over three editorial offices on Turivska Street

18.12.2013, 13:47

The building on Turivska Street 19 in Kyiv, where the editorial offices of the online media outlet, the newspapers Vechirni Visti and INTV, was taken over by an unknown specialized company of armed men from the Ministry of Internal Affairs forces. There is no communication with the journalists. Radio Liberty received this news from the editor Yuri Butusov. According to him, everybody in the office, both staff members and volunteers, were told to step away from computers and not to answer phone calls or make any calls themselves, including to lawyers. The explanation for their actions was rather bogus – it was a court decision to return a server to a man who used to work at another company in this building and as long as the officers did not know which computer might be his server they just took away all of them. For two weeks before this, was under constant DDoS attacks, several hacking attempts on it were made. This website has been one of the most popular news and investigative journalism websites on the Ukrainian Internet. After some time, Butusov informed that the media outlet staff and volunteers from EuroMaidan were released. Earlier, MP Okelsander Turchynov informed on his Twitter that Berkut fighters forced an entry to the office of the Batkivshchyna party on Turivska Street 15 and switched off their servers.

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