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In Kyiv, unidentified man would not let Publichnye Liudi journalist make photos near Pecherska Lavra

13.01.2014, 10:14

On December 25, in Kyiv, an unidentified man in civilian clothes would not let the journalist of the Publichnye Liudi magazine Mykola Voskalo make photos near Kyievo-Pecherska Lavra, the media outlet’s website informs.

According to their report, the territory of Kyievo-Pecherska Lavra was closed not only for visitors, but also for those who work and study on the sanctuary’s territory. Every entrance was blocked by police cordons. The main entrance to Lavra was closed. Nobody was allowed in, no explanations were given.

The journalist Mykola Voskalo tried to learn from police officers why all entrances were blocked. One of them tried to punch the journalist’s camera out of his hands. He was wearing civilian clothes and did not introduce himself. When Voskalo told him he was a journalist the police officer answered he could not have cared less.  When Voskalo asked this question at another entrance, police officers said it was because some event was being held there. According to the media outlet’s sources, this event was the recording of the President Victor Yanukovych’s address. 

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