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In Kyiv, taxi driver, supporter of "DPR", attacked Hromadske TV journalist

10.10.2015, 15:11

In the evening on October 8 in Kyiv , a taxi driver attacked the Hromadske TV journalist Khrystyna Bondarenko. According to her, as she took the taxi she asked to make a stop near an ATM to get cash. When she returned, the driver demanded to pay right then, not in the end of the trip. When Khrystyna refused, the driver attacked her yelling "give me the money, bitch!" and started to strangle her. The journalist managed to escape and run away, leaving her cell phone with the driver. The driver chased her, and Khrystyna jumped at him and grabbed her phone back. She managed to call the police, yet police did not follow the formal procedure of questioning the witnesses as the witnesses did not want to give official testimony (they said they were busy drinking beer and did not want to waste their time). When they arrived to a police department, officers there said they had nothing except the journalist's words to back up her claims. Later she investigated the driver, and he turned out to be the resident of Crimea, who moved to Kyiv, worshipping Stalin and supporting the "DPR" separatists. 

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