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In Kyiv, restaurant owner beat Freimut and her crew with metal tripod

11.09.2014, 16:14

In Kyiv, during a regular inspection within the framework of the program "Inspector Freimut" the owner of the restaurant "Tati" in Troyeshchyna rayon beat with a metal tripod Olga Ольгу Freimut, her camera operator, and producer, TSN reports.

According to Freimut, nothing forebode the attack. The inspection began with no issues, the restaurant staff had a positive attitude, and nobody was interfering with the filming.

The filming crew was not allowed to the kitchen so they proceeded to the dining hall to continue the inspection. The footage proves that the crew was not doing anything provocative.

And then suddenly the restaurant owner rushed in swearing and with unmotivated aggression attacked Freimut and the camera operator, and then she grabbed a metal tripod and started to beat the operator, the producer and then Freiumt herself. 

Freimut called police; the investigation of the incident is ongoing.  

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