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In Kyiv region TV crew of “Schemes: corruption in details” attacked

06.03.2019, 18:27
id="attachment_47680" align="alignnone" width="400"] Deputy of villqge council Chupryna (left) and head of the ngo "Evolution of Kyiv region" Prysyazhny (right) photo credit: "РС" [caption id="attachment_47680" align="alignnone" width="400"] On March 6th, in village of Chabany (Kyiv region) a journalist and a cameraman from “Schemes: corruption in details” program were attacked. The incident happened in the premises of Chabany village council, where the journalist Kateryna Kaplyuk and the cameraman Borys Trotsenko were filming a story. The assaulters injured the cameraman and broke his camera. The attackers were identified by the crew as the two deputies of the Chabany village head: Volodymyr Chupryna and Yuriy Bondar, as well as Valeriy Prysyazhny, head of a local NGO “Evolution of Kyiv region” (Rozvytok Kyivshchyny). There were among assaulters two deputies to the Head of village council Oleksander Kyrysliev. The journalists called an ambulance, after a medical checkup in hospital the medics diagnosed the cameraman suffered brain concussion. “Our TV crew went with an editorial mission to Chabany village council to get information for a story we are preparing for the air program, it concerns detachment into some private possession of some public lands which are under control of the National academy of agrarian sciences. The TV crew quietly entered the village council, they informed they are TV crew for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. But, a group of young men broke in the office of directorate and rushed on the cameraman in order to prevent him filming it. They beat him on his head, broke his equipment. We lodged a complaint to the police, they arrived immediately after our call and rapidly reacted”, Nataliya Sedletska, editor in chief of “Schemes: corruption in details” told. IMI reported eqrlier that the editorial board of the investigative program “Schemes: corruption in details” (common project of the Radio Free Europe and TV channel UA: Pershyy) claimed that during last six months, its journalist Mykhaylo Tkach and the TV crew of the program were systematically followed by the security guards of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, as to Radio Free Europe. All cars that followed the TV crew belonged to the security company Delta-Donbas, final beneficiary of which is oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. The main investigative administration of police has instituted proceedings over the complaint filed by the journalists of the program “Schemes: corruption in details”. The journalists complained they were under surveillance by the security guards of Rinat Akhmetov, as to Radio Free Europe. On February 22th, the respective elements are filed into the Unified register of pre-trial investigations over the paragraph 3, the article 171, of the Criminal code (obstruction to journalistic activity, persecution of journalists due to their professional activity by a group of persons in intended conspiracy). The security firm “Delta-Donbas” rejected the accusation they surveilled the TV crew of the program “Schemes”.
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