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In Kyiv protesters prevented “1+1” TV crew to work before Presidential administration

23.04.2019, 18:50
On April 22nd, several protesters tried to impede the TV crew for “1+1” channel to work during live broadcasting in the front of the presidential administration in Kyiv, as Dmytro Furdak, correspondent of TSN news program for “1+1” told in his Facebook page. The incident occurred in front of the premises of the presidential administration, when thousands of people gathered to express their support to Petro Poroshenko, incumbent president who lost on presidential runoff on April 21st. As one could see in TSN video, the protesters cried “Shame on you!” to the journalists of “1+1”. Dmytro Furdak told they prevented the journalists live broadcasting. “As I have been observing, there were people of various age and social standing who came in their heart to thank Petro Poroshenko. And I was reporting on it in a live broadcast for TSN news. But there was group of inadequate persons who disrupted us the live coverage. They said we have no place in Ukraine. And besides, the 112th TV channel was working here too, without any problem”, Furdak told. The journalist added that someone among those aggressive persons slammed his fist against the camera.
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