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In Kyiv, police illegally detained German journalist, took his money and threatened with deportation

06.12.2014, 14:35

In Kyiv, at night following November 26, the correspondent of ZDF , the Second TV channel of Germany, Andreas Weise , was illegally detained by police officers, they intimidated him with deportation, and took his money as “penalty”. The Kyiv producer of ZDF Grigoriy Kuznetsov informed IMI about this, and said he also filed a complaint on the crime committed by law enforcers.

According to Kuznetsov, Andreas, after his working day, was walking in the downtown area of Kyiv. He was walking from Yaroslaviv Val street, from Radison Blu Hotel where he stayed, towards Maidan. Near Mykhailivskyi lane, the journalist was stopped by a police patrol, he was dragged into the patrol car and taken to an unknown location.

The police officers took his cell phone, were looking at his last calls made, and finally blamed him of “looking for hookers”, which, according to them “was punishable by penalty and deportation”. As Andreas was born in Eastern Germany, he understood some of Russian phrases of the police. 

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