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In Kyiv, police detained journalist of "Ukrainski Novyny", and took his tablet that belongs to media outlet

11.07.2015, 14:08

On July 10 in Kyiv, police officers illegally detained the journalist of “Ukrainski Novyny” ("Ukrainian News") Dmytro Perepelytsia, when they were cracking down retail tents and coffee machines owners who attacked storage facilities of confiscated goods in Svyatoshynsky district, at 25 Krasnova street. The journalist was there on the media outlet’s assignment. Over 100 disgruntled owners of confiscated tents and coffee machines demanded to return their property, taken in the process of the mayor's campaign to take down retailers who work in public areas without permits.

As Perepelytsia told, at about 5:45 p.m. police gathered enough forces to crack down the small business owners, who broke the gates to the storage facility and entered. Police surrounded the protesters and started detaining them. Perepelytsia, who was recording the event, was detained as well, and only later he was allowed to show his journalist ID. He was asked to stay at the site for 40 more minutes. Still, the tablet belonging to the media outlet, which was used for the recording, was taken from him and never returned.

Ukrainian News demands to investigate the incident, to return the equipment and to punish officers responsible. 

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