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In Kyiv, on Maidan unidentified men attacked Spilno.TV journalists

17.08.2014, 16:36

On August 15, on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv, unidentified men wearing black T-shirts attacked journalists and streamers of the channel Spilno.TV Maksym Prasolov, Oleksiy Isayev, and others, who were filming the dismantling of the New Year Tree. According to Prasolov, the unidentified men that attacked their filming crew also demolished their make-shift press center on Maidan. Police officers on site did not interfere in the beating of the journalists. The press center was a dome-like construction, which was erected in February after their tent was burned to the ground. The beatig was brutal – One of the journalists was thrown to the ground and six men were kicking him in the face. The journalists sought medical attention: Prasolov sustained a brain concussion, and Isayev sustained a broken leg. They filed a complaint with the police. 

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