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In Kyiv, Maidan participants threatened they would beat 1+1 journalist black and blue if he comes to Maidan

18.07.2014, 00:04

In Kyiv, on July 17 Maidan participants threatened the 1+1 news journalist Ivan Hrebeniuk they would beat him if he comes to Maidan Nezalezhnosti. This was reported in the 1+1’s news program TSN.

Several dozens Maidan participants came over to the Presidential Administration to support relatives of the military of the Brigade No.72, which is currently participating in the anti-terrorist operation in the East of Ukraine, as these relatives were demanding a meeting with the president. When they saw the 1+1 camera, they started to accuse the journalists of lying about those who are still staying on Maidan. When Hrebeniuk tried to take a sound bite of their comments, the Maidan participants started to threaten him. They were not friendly to other journalists, either. 

The relatives of the military were not happy about such support and told Maidan participants to go to the East of Ukraine and fight there instead. 

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