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In Kyiv, “journalists” were allowed to enter polling station of District Electoral Committee No.223 after 8 p.m.

06.11.2014, 09:53

On the day of elections, October 26, in Kyiv, to the polling station No.801049, under DEC No.223, where again there was a tough competition between Viktor Pylypyshyn and Yuriy Levchenko from “Svoboda”, the head of DEC personally allowed to enter the station some people who called themselves journalists. According to the law, after 8 p.m. on the election day, no one has a right to leave the polling station, or enter it, while the counting of ballots is ongoing. The allowed “journalists” did not even clearly say which media outlet they represent, and did not register at the secretary in the list of media representatives, and they did not have any devices for sound and video recording. This information comes from STB journalist who was present there, Iryna Storozhenko.

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