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In Kyiv, journalist of NewsOne was attacked during live news broadcast near the General Prosecutor's Office

18.09.2018, 17:34
TV channel NewsOne reports an attack against the correspondent of the channel, Daryna Bilera, who was covering the clashes near the building of the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine in Kyiv. This was reported at the website of the channel. The attack was by the protesters during the live reporting of the journalist near the building of the General Prosecutor's Office, where clashes between the members of nationalist movements and the police were taking place. According to the channel, Daryna Bilera was reporting about events near the building, but suddenly a man approached her, as it was later clarified, it was a representative of "World Brovary Television", and started offending the journalist, also throwing something right at her. The correspondent continued to do her work, but soon a woman approached her and tried to pry off the microphone from her hands, and one more woman punched the correspondent in her fact. During the live report, Bilera said the things that were thrown at her were eggs and ice. Because of the attack, the journalist was forced to stop her live report. The journalist went to the police station to write a complaint about the attack, as the TV channel reported. She complained that her hearing was impaired and she planned to call ambulance. The journalist said that she was protected by the police who rescued her from the protesters. According to Ukrainian mass media, on September 17, several hundred activists gathered near the General Prosecutor's Office to protest extradition to Russia of Russian citizen who fought for Ukraine in Donbas, ethnic Ingush, Timur Tumgoev. Activists demand the General Prosecutor of Ukraine to resign because of this extradition. The action was attended by the members of Ukrainian nationalist organizations –“Svoboda”, “Natoinal Corps”, С14, “Right Sector”.
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