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In Kremenchug polling stations some persons misrepresented themselves as journalists and observers at once

21.07.2019, 20:28
Photo credit: Kyrylo Vorontsov, "Kremechutska gazeta"
In Kremenchug, Poltava region, some persons came to the polling station naming themselves as the journalists and presenting their press cards of freelancers for the newspaper "Avtograf" and the communal "Kremenchug city TV and radio company". At the same time, they say to be observers, as the “Kremenchuk newspaper” reported. As to the newspaper, the press cards have been delivered for the period from 20 to 23 July, 2019. All journalists could not precise what kind of facts they covered earlier, as journalists. "When the “Kremenchuk newspaper “ asked the observers present at the polling station #103, which is located in the Kremenchug Center of administrative services, whether there were any journalist among them, the girls answered no. But when we asked the same thing to Elena Maksymenyuk, the head of the polling station, , she pointed at two girls. "You are journalists?" - O. Maksimenyuk addressed them. "We are observers", - they hesitated, they said, "- the publication writes. Journalists of the same edition met the journalists and at the polling station #104 Sport school number 2. "The two women named themselves as the journalists, but did not want to provide press cards. When asked whether they worked in media outlets and television before, they told that they were freelance correspondents, " the newspaper reported. As the "Kremenchug newspaper" noted, they have never seen those journalists ever before.    
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