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In Kramatork journalist for Vostochny project impeded in his work

07.02.2019, 12:32
Фото -
On February 5th, in Kramatork (Donetsk region) some unknown persons impeded the journalist for the Vostochny project (Eastern project) Bogdan Novak to take pictures at the territory of a marketplace “Kolkhozny”. They required the journalist to erase the pictures he had taken. Bogdan Novak told it to the IMI correspondent in Donetsk region Yulia Garkusha. The incident occurred while the journalist tried to cover a row linked to the administrative activity of the marketplace. “They shout at me :”This is a private property, you do not have right to film, get out of here!” But we were going to take comments of legitimate managers of the market. We did not back any side of the row and in my article I had provided grounds for each of the side. I guess the law enforcement bodies have to react to this. I observe how they will identify the persons who obstructed my work”, Novak told. Nor physical force, neither threats were used against the journalist, but Novak approached a police car and asked to protect him, he informed the policemen on the incident. The journalist filed a complaint to the police over the fact of impediment to his work.
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