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In Konotop, local TV studio burned down from "Molotov cocktails" attack

01.04.2016, 16:31

In the city of Konotop, Sumska oblast, unidentified men attacked the local TV studio with "Molotov cocktails“. In the fire, the studio equipment, computers and furniture were destroyed. No people were injured in the attack. The local police started investigating the crime. According to the security guard, the attack started at about 4 a.m., and she called police and fire fighting service immediately.

As Konotop city mayor Artem Semenikhin mentioned at his Facebook page, Konotop TV studio is “the only channel in the city that is independent and provides objective information about what is happening in the city, in the oblast, and in the country in general, and covers one third of Sumska oblast and some of Chernihivska oblast with its broadcasts...”.

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