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In Kirovohrad, SBU colonel tired to knock camera from journalist’s hands

30.05.2015, 19:29

On May 27, in Kirovohrad, colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Kostiantyn Kamenskyi saw the journalist of the local media portal “Akula” Adntriy Verhulenko filming him and tried to take away the camera. This was reported by Verhulenko himself of the website “Akula.”

The incident took place during a recess in a court hearing of the scandalous case of the Diachenko brothers. Accoring to the journalist, for the thrird year already the brothers have been trying to prove that they did not attempt the life of MP Stanislav Berezkin, and they accuse SBU colonel СБУ Kostiantyn Kamenskyi of doctoring a case against them and believe him to be the key person behind it.

So, Kamenskyi entered the court room unhindered and as soon as he noticed that he was being filmed, he began to attack the journalist trying to knock the camera out of his hands or just to take it away all while shouting, ‘You cannot film me!’ Then Kamenskyi hid behind a police officer and kept hitting at the camera. Even as the journalist introduced himself and offered to show his journalist ID, the colonel would not calm down. 

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