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In Khmelnytsky and in Kharkiv Security Service of Ukraine detained subverters disseminating separatist newspapers

16.07.2014, 23:35

Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine in Ukraine  the Sercuty Service ined  Khmelnytska oblast put an end to illegal activities of a group of persons that called up to support the terrorist armed gangs in the East of Ukraine. The perpetrators were disseminating the separatist newspaper «Novorossiya», set up online video conferences and enticed citizens of Ukraine to disobey the legal authorities.  On July 14, within the framework of the criminal investigation, three local residents were detained on a street in Khmelnytsky when they were receiving a next batch of the newspaper «Novorossiya». The investigation is ongoing.

 Similar printed materials were seized by the Security Service of Ukraine in Ukraine  the Sercuty Service ined  Kharkivska oblast: on July 12,  in Kharkiv officers of the local branch of the Security Service of Ukraine seized three thousand copies of the newspaper «Novorossiya» from a garage of a local resident. This 45 years old man received a parcel from Donetsk to disseminate the separatist newspaper in Kharkiv and neighbouring villages.  The criminal investigation is ongoing.

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