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In Khersonska oblast, security guards of MP from Party of Regions threatened journalist

12.08.2014, 03:34

On August 8, in Henichesk (Khersonska oblast) security guards of the Member of Parliament, a former member of the Party of Regions’ faction, Mykhailo Opanashchenko threatened the journalist of the media outlet “Kakhovski Novyny” Vitaliy Yerofeyev that they would break his legs for his questions to the MP. The journalist reported this himself directly to ІМІ.

For the last half year, Yerofeyev has been trying to find out where the MP was when the Verkhovna Rada was adopting a decision to stop violence against Maidan protesters in Kyiv. The journalist has been asking this question through media outlets and via social networks but received no answer. So, when Yerofeyev learned that Opanashchenko was having a meeting in Henichesk with this voters, he went there. He brought with him a package of leaflets about the voting on that amendment.

When he approached the MP, Opanashchenko gave no concrete answer and suggested Yerofeyev should come and visit him. Yerofeyev went outside and continued spreading out the leaflets to passers-by.

He was approached by two thugs who introduced themselves as Opanashchenko’s private guards but did not give their names. They threatened to break his legs if he did not stop pestering the MP.

Yerofeyev submitted a written complaint with the police.  

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