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In Khersonska oblast, deputies closed session to get rid of journalist

09.06.2015, 16:20

Deputies of Strilkovska village council (Khersonska oblast) decided to make their session closed because the journalist of the newspaper "Narodnyi Kontrol Ukrainy", member of the National Media Trade Union of journalists Yevhen Morozov wanted to video record it.

It happened on June 4. The journalist tried to record the session with his camera, but the deputies and the head of the village council Oleksander Ponomariov were against this. He was asked to turn off the camera, and when he refused, they voted for banning video recording. Some deputies said that they did not want to be on a video record. Morozov said that it is against the law of Ukraine, as it is a criminal offence, obstruction to journalist activities, and the deputies decided to make the session closed for public. This specific session was dedicated to a number of important issues, including the merging of regional communities.

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