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In Kherson, vice-head of MIA's oblast Administration threatens journalist with criminal case for dodging draft

05.08.2015, 14:05

The Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine (IMTUU) informs that the vice-head of the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Khersonska oblast Illia Kiva, instead of answering the question of Southern Informational Company (PIK) Ihor Trubayev, threatened to send him to the army, insulted him and claimed that the journalist is violating the law.

The conversation took place on the Facebook page, where the police official reported about his inspection to the border with Crimea. The journalist asked him what the outcome of the inspection was, and whether those guilty of shortcomings would be taken to court. In response, Kiva wrote "My inspection of you, son, will end up with you serving in the army!". He continued threatening the journalist and never answered the actual question.

The journalist thinks that this outburst was connected to his critical articles about Kiva. The latter, according to the journalist, committed many illegal actions since his recent appointment - including, for example, beating a driver, forcefully taking documents from a sportsman, and in many cases closing down cafes in the city without any good reason. Trubayev fears that the Facebook threats can become very real actions against him.

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