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In Kherson oblast state administration officials refused to start session on master layout in presence of journalists

27.12.2017, 10:48
On December 21 in Kherson, the head of city development and architecture Department of Khersonska oblast state administration Hryhoriy Khodin refused to conduct the scheduled session of the department in presence of the journalists of the TV channel “Kherson Plus”. This was reported to IMI by the director of this TV channel, Volodymyr Kosiuk. According to him, Khodin was obstructing the journalist Anastasia Yurchenko and cameraman Maksym Prudkun, and was rude to them. As the TV channel's story tells, the session of the Department was dedicated to reviewing master layout of the village of Khorliv, the procedure of approval of which failed several times before. As shown on the video of the channel, Hryhoriy Khodin adviced the journalists to leave the session hall and to request the press service of the State Administration for information. As a result, the session chaired by Khodin was conducted only after the filming crew left the room, the director of the channel reported. the director also said that the journalists addressed the head of the Department of PRess and Information of the State Administration Olha Savenko, but this did not help. She said that the officials claim they have a "working meeting", and she has no power to allow the press to be present there On Tuesday, December 26, the channel representatives intend to conduct a press conference on this, and plan to invite representatives of police and to file an official complaint on obstruction.
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