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In Kherson, at notorious Distict Electoral Commitee meeting, MP obstructed journalist’s work

04.11.2014, 09:59

On October 30, in Kherson, a people’s deputy from the Batkivshchyna Party (ex-governor of Khersonska oblast) Yuriy Odarchenko, and his party fellow, Serhiy Tryshchanovych, were stopping the journalist of the media outlet "Khersonski Visti", Yevhen Rudenko, at the meeting of the problematic DEC No.182.

Yevhen wanted to come closer to record on his smart phone the dialogue of Kherson Self-Defense Denys Loshkarev and police officers. Odarchenko told the journalist that “there already are journalists there”, and his associate said, “there is no place for standing there”. They allowed the journalist to pass only when police officers came up to the spot. The journalist thinks that the reason for the incident is the strained situation, as before he communicated with Odarchenko without any problems.

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