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In Kherson, apartment of journalist and civil activist Volodymyr Marus was fired at

30.07.2014, 20:35

In Kherson, a local journalist and civil activist Volodymyr Marus found in a window pane in his apartment two holes similar to bullet holes. According to Marus, the shots could have been made only from the windows of the new building in front of the building he lives in, as the yard is gated. The day before, he received a phone call from Yuri Odarchenko, the head of Kharkiv Oblast State Administration, who was very dissatisfied with Marus’ articles about local volunteer squads being sent to the combat zone with neither proper training nor protective gear and the local authorities doing nothing to prepare for probable armed attack from Russia.

Marus filed a complaint with the local police. Earlier he already filed complaints about threats and harassment. 

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