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In Kharkiv, unknown individuals tried to capture broadcasting tower

13.05.2014, 11:26

 On April 7, late at night, unidentified individuals came to Kharkiv regional broadcasting station, and started to demand, as an ultimatum, that the administration turn back on the broadcasting of Russian TV channels. The acting director general of RTT Concern shared this news with Telekrytyka.

               Yet, the director of the tower and the police unit that arrived managed to persuade the protesters that they should express their position legally, and the tower cannot turn back on the cable channels, anyway.

 Later, the police unit of 30 members took the territory of the TV tower under control. Regardless of the previous assignment by the acting president Turchinov and the Prime Minister Yatseniuk to take the territory of the tower under control, this assignment was not timely executed.  

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