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In Kharkiv, security of acting Mayor aggressed journalist with RegioNews

14.05.2021, 16:42

In Kharkiv, on May 13, security guards of acting Mayor Igor Terekhov aggressed the journalist for RegioNews, as the latter started asking a question to the official. This was reported on the website of RegionNews.

The incident occurred during a meeting between Igor Terekhov and residents of the Saltivka massif in Kharkiv. Illya Koltunov was to question about the commemoration of deceased Mayor Gennady Kernes.

The RegionNews reported that the security guards rushed at the journalist, started pushing him and took away the microphone, and Igor Terekhov himself, as he heard the question, turned his back and walked away from the journalist.

The guards ignored the journalist's demands to stop interfering with his professional activities. 

RegioNews considers any violence and obstruction of journalists inadmissible, sees in Terekhov's actions signs of violation of Article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Obstruction of lawful professional activity of journalists" and prepares a complaint to the police. 

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