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In Kharkiv, police attacked two journalists during local Euromaidan rally

02.07.2014, 23:22

On June 22, in Kharkiv during the local Euromaidan rally police attacked two journalists — regional correpondents of the Ukrainian News Serhiy Bobko and Sofia Bobko. Police officers were manhandling them, prohibiting them from making photos of how the Euromaidan rally was moving, and how police officers were clashing with rally participants and activists. The journalists were trying to get on the other side of the police cordon, but police officers would not let them; Sofia sustained several hits with a police truncheon, Serhiy was pushed by police shields. Serhiy was told that if he kept insisting in his attempts to get through he would be detained for attacking a police officer.

Senior police officers intervened and resolved the situation; thanks to them, the journalists were able to get to the site of the event.

Serhiy Bobko and Sofia Bobko filed a complaint with the local prosecutor's office in regard of obstruction to professional activities.

On June 22, in Kharkiv during the local Euromaidan rally police beat another journalist, Victor Pichuhin, who was streaming the event.  

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