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In Kharkiv, fake of Russian media outlets about plant workers’ “protest” exposed

25.07.2017, 15:29
Russian media outlets with reference to the portal «Kommentarii» fake-reported about the «rally» on Kharkiv Concrete Products Plant and as a proof showed a video with people demanding «to restore economic connections with Russia». As it turned out, this video has no relation whatsoever to the actual concrete products plant in Kharkiv, as was confirmed by the enterprise’ director. Also, local journalists went there and filmed the refuting news story on the topic. The Russian TV channel «Rossia-24» reported on Tuesday about the «rally» – «for restoration of economic connections with the Russian Federation» held by workers of Kharkiv Concrete Products Plant. The Russian anchor said, «Kharkiv residents demand that the authorities immediately restore economic relations with Russia. The 500-strong rally was held on the territory of the local concrete products plant. The workers were chanting, «Give us jobs!». The enterprise is on the brink of bankruptcy. Similar demands to President Poroshenko have been put forward by more than a dozen of large enterprises of the country». The channel also showed the video of this «rally».
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