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In Kamyanets-Podilskyi, deputy of city council intends to sue journalists because of “Anti-Maidan lists”

04.03.2015, 01:55

Deputy of Kamyanets-Podilskyi city council (Khmelnytska oblast) Valeriy Slobodian said that he intends to sue journalists of the local media outlet “Community TV “Podillya.TV”. This information comes from the regional correspondent of IMI.

As the reson of his claim Slobodian calls “knowing distortion of facts and blatant lies” by journalists in one of the stories of this media outlet. The story in question is about the lists discovered by local Maidan activists in February of 2014 in the office of the head of culture division of the local district state administration, Alla Bets - the lists of people sent out from the city to Kyiv for the pro-governmental rallies. The activists called them “Anti-Maidan lists”. In these lists, there is name of Valeriy Slobodian. So Slobodian wants to prove in the court that he was not visiting "Anti-Maidan", but was a member of delegation for the event dedicated to liberation of Kyiv from Nazies. 

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