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In July, more than 30 facts of violation of digital rights recorded in Ukraine

13.08.2019, 17:46
Last July, the experts recorded 34 facts of violation of the digital rights of Ukrainians. These are the figures of the monitoring held by NGO “Human Rights Platform”, as reports the Human Rights Center ZMINA . Last month, Ukraine continued to block 240 online resources based on two decrees signed by the President, which had been repeatedly criticized by human rights defenders . Despite the criticism of the experts, in July the National register of judicial decisions published a ruling of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court and stated the first decree issued in 2017 as legal one. Such a decision was taken by judges after appeal filed by several activists of the organization “Autonomous Bar”. "The Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court stated that the plaintiff had not been barred from using other web resources which are similar to those ones with an access restricted by the impugned decree, in order to store and to transmit information, and thus, it concluded that there had been no violation of plaintiff's rights,"  - the authors of the report said. The authors mentioned in the report the situation of blocking 19 websites based on the decision of the Pechersk district  court of Kyiv. Currently, resource owners are trying to challenge an illegal, in their opinion, decision that threatens freedom of speech in Ukraine. Human rights activists also spoke about attempts by Russian hackers to obtain personal information of Ukrainians. To do this, they create fake apps for popular Android applications, including Skype, Signal, and PornHub, for spying. " The fake version builds a malicious Monocle extension that can read images from a smartphone's screen at any time and send it to Russia," the report's authors claim. Ukrainians faced risk of losing access to their personal accounts on social networks and bank card details as a result of a fraudulent scheme that was actively spread in July in the network.  Messengers say that Adidas srtats a promotional event and distributes shoes for free and put a link for those who wish to receive a gift. However, the URL directs people to a website that is able to steal personal information and passwords, ”human rights activists warn.
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