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In Irpin, masked men tried to throw journalist Petr Olar's family our of their apartment

29.07.2015, 16:23

On July 22, unidentified men in balaclavas broke into an apartment owned by journalist Petro Olar and his partner, producer Hanna Ahisheva. Olar reported this on this Facebook page. This is a third such attack in the last month. The men intended to throw them out of the apartment.

The issue with the apartment is that while the building was still in construction the apartment was sold to Olar and later it was illegally, without Olar's knowning, mortgaged and lost to a bank, and the bank sold it to another person, and this other person is trying to get rid of Olar and his family that already live in it.

The masked men wearing uniforms said they were from the Security Service of Ukraine, then that they were from the military, tore down the door, physically forced Ahisheva to the street, but when the police arrived they finally left the apartment.

Olar filed a complaint to the police and the investigation of the illegal machinations with the apartment is pending.

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