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In Horlivka, separatists attacked editorial office of "Vechirnia Horlovka", closed down since summer due to pressure

25.12.2014, 15:17

On December 24, armed men of the so called “DPR” and DPR activists broke into the editorial office  of the newspaper “Vechirnia Horlivka” in the city of Horlivka (Donetska oblast). This information comes from the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Vladyslav Leoshko, who said he received this information from trustworthy sources. He himself cannot go to Horlivka because “DPR” included him to so-called “death lists”. 
The editor says that although the newspaper is not functioning, there is still a lot of equipment in the office (although some of it was evacuated). The reason of this break-in is unknown at this time – perhaps, they want to destroy the equipment, or to use it to issue their own newspaper.

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