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In Facebook, discrediting video is being proliferated about journalist suing Palytsia’s fund

01.06.2017, 02:12

In the social network Facebook, a specially cut video appeared, which discredits Lutsk journalist Arina Krapka (Iryna Musiy). The journalist believes this to be pressure at her and links this to her professional activities. This was reported by the IMI representative in Volynska oblast.

The video appeared in the social network on May 30. This video leaves an impression that its authors tried to ridicule the journalist and damage her reputation. The video begins with Arina saying that she would want to feel how she can do something else besides journalism followed by a phrase taken out of the context “women should stay in the kitchen following the principle of three K (Kinder, Küche, Kirche)”.

In her comment for the IMI representative in Volynska oblast, Arina Krapka explained that someone recut a video made in 2015 from the website “Hromadske.Volyn”, in which she shared her experience of applying to the new police force. Two years ago, Arina said in her video interview to the journalist Maria Domanska that she is interested in journalism but wants to test herself in a different profession and that she supports women in police.

The re-edited video cut off the watermark “Hromadske.Volyn”.

Arina Krapka believes this to be linked to her professional activities as this is not the first time people not happy with her investigations published offensive materials about her.

The user who shared the video on her page is Daryna Nemyrovets, who says on profile that she is a “Journalist in Volynmedia” and “works from home”. 

The editor of the website “Volynmedia” Kateryna Sharpata in her comment for IMI said specifically there is no such person on their staff. Kateryna Sharpata assumes it may be a bot. this so-called Daryna Nemyrovets has shared on her page photos of Ihor Palytsia, the head of Volynska Oblast Council, and photos of the public formation “Varta Podiadku”.  

For the context, on May 10, Arina Krapka filed a lawsuit to Volyn District Adminsitrative Court against Ihor Palytsia’s charitable fund “Tilky Razom” due to failure to provide information in response to a journalist request. The request was about how much money Palytsia’s fund directs to the public formation “Varta Podiadku”. The first hearing of the case in Volyn District Administrative Court was held on May 24, but the defendant from Palytsia’s fund did not come.

Recently, Ihor Palytsia, the head of Volynska Oblast Council, called journalist Arina Krapka “a little girl”. The journalist was asking him why he had not held a single press conference since he took the position. And the official told her to sue him.

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