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In Donetsk, terrorists captured young woman that posted in social networks photos of destroyed Khartsyzk

15.09.2014, 23:42
A Donetsk resident, 22-y.o. Valeria Olifirchuk was captured by the terrorists for publishing in social networks photos of the captured Khartsyzk. This was reported by “Telekrytyka” with reference to “Novosti Donbassa.” Olifirchuk went missing on September 1. After three days, she made a phone call to her grandmother an told her that together with her boyfriend she was in captivity after they got detained in Khartsyzk and that they were being taken to the military commandant’s office in Donetsk. According to Valeria’s mother, Angelica Olifirchuk, the reason for Valeria’s detention by the terrorists was a series of photos of Khartsyzk destroyed by the terrorists’ bombardments that she published in social networks. The mother mentioned that the young woman was abducted right from her apartment, and now there is no contact with her. After Valeria called her parents, they went to the gunmen’s station in Khartsyzk to find out why she was taken. The terrorists said she expressed love towards Ukraine’s National Guard on her Vkontakte page. It is currently known that she is now held in a cell with 40 other abducted persons and is being accused of spying for the Security Service of Ukraine and questioned. If it becomes known that her information was used by the Security Service of Ukraine she might be sentenced to death or get a 15-year prison term. Her parents turned to the Security Service of Ukraine for help but no changes so far. According to Kharkiv activist Olena Hrytsenko, who is helping people rescue their relatives from the gunmen’s captivity, shared that the number of the people abducted in Donetska and Luhanska oblasts has been growing every day, and she could only recommend leaving the ATO zone. According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, since the beginning of April to August of this year, on the territory of Donetsk and Luhanska oblasts about fifteen hundred reports of people abducted and taken hostage have been registered.
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