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In Donetsk region, journalist's phone taken, and he was expelled from the polling station

28.12.2015, 23:01

On December 27, at one of the polling stations in the city of Sviatohorsk (Donetska oblast) journalist of the media outlet “Tochka Opory” Denys Myronov, who tried to record possible violation at the polling station, had his phone with built-in camera taken from him by a person who had ID of media outlet "Limanskaya Storona". Denys tried to record the boxes at the time when everyone's attention was diverted by a voter who fained. Head of the commission yelled at him demanding to stop recording. The policeman who was present at the polling station did not intervene. Later, the phone was returned to the journalist, yet he was expelled from the polling station by the election commission. The commission refused to grant him any documents on their resolution - they just called police and policemen removed the journalist from the polling station based on oral request of commission head. The elections of local self-government agencies in the city were held because previous, scheduled elections were judged null and void due to a large number of various violations.

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