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In Dnipropetrovsk, unidentified individuals obstructed journalists to conduct video recording

15.08.2015, 21:56

On August 13, in Dnipropetrovsk, unidentified men were obstructing the journalists of Channel 9 and Internet TV, when the journalists tried to take footage for their story. The story was about a scandalous political advertisement, a huge banner on the unfinished over-the-road bridge crossing "This crossing was built by Vilkul for 22 million hryvnias" and "Vilkul! Take this iron thing back to Kryvyi Rih!" (Vilkul is a well-known Ukrainian oligarch). The journalists tried to make the footage of the men who were taking the banner away. These men introduced themselves as a construction company’s representatives. One of the men, who introduced himself as a subcontractor of "Masterstroi" development company Viktor Kozachok, started to push the journalists away. Another man who did not introduce himself, was putting his hand on the camera lens to prevent recording. Journalist Oleksander Puhach asked the police officer who was nearby to check the developers’ construction permits, yet they refused to cooperate while the journalists were present.

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