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In Dnipropetrovsk, civil journalist got attacked

06.04.2015, 23:57

In Dnipropetrovsk, unidentified people attacked volunteer journalist Natalia Kritskova and her companion, activist Oksana Hrishvykhina. Natalia reported this to the regional IMI correspondent.


The incident took place on March 26 at Heroiv Avenue in Dnipropetrovsk, when the women were filming the story about Donetsk refugee Yulia's barber's shop robbery. The woman from Donetsk told that she suspects it was the deed of her competitor for the lower prices she set for her services, as she complained about it.

When the journalists decided to take the comment from the owner of the neighboring shop, she refused. When the journalists left the second shop, they noticed two men followed them at exist. These men attacked the women and tried to take their bag (as the journalist think, they might have thought that the bag contained the camera), and took the pictures of journalists.


At first, they did not publish the material as the first protagonist of their story, the Donetsk woman, was concerned about her safety. Later she said the tension in the conflict with her competitor loosened, and the journalist published the story on April 5.

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