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In Dnipropetrovsk, Channel 34 disappeared from air. Akhmetov's media holding asks to address situation

09.10.2014, 00:05

On 6.30 p.m. October 7, in Dnipropetrovsk Channel 34, which is a part of Rinat Akhmetov’s holding «Media Group Ukraine», disappeared from air. As it was reported on the TV channel’s website, it is no longer on air or in cable networks. At the TV channel, they believe this was not caused by an equipment glitch but they do not know the exact cause. They contacted the transmission center but received no definitive answer.

The holding «Media Group Ukraine» expresses its official protest due to the unlawful cutting off and asks all corresponding agencies to address the situation.

The TV channel insists that on their end, there are no technical problems and that the editorial office is working as usual and submitting the content via optofiber to Dnipropetrovsk Radio and Television Transmission center, where the channel’s transmitters are located.  

On October 8, the broadcasting of Channel 34 was resumed and the incident was believed to be caused by the problem with the optofiber cable. 

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