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In Dnipro at polling station journalists of 34th TV channel asked to provide accreditation

31.03.2019, 13:01
Photo credits: screenshot fro, video of the "'th TV channel
In Dnipro at a polling station a member required the journalists for the TV crew of 34th TV channel to present their accreditation , as to Anastasia Katayeva, journalist of the 34th TV channel. Katayeva told, the incident occurred at the polling station at the address :prospect. Pushkina, gymnasium #112. The controversy could be settled only when the head of the polling station interfered and authorized to the journalists to work. Ali Safarov commented on this incident saying this was violation of journaoists’ rights, as any demand to present accreditation is unlawful, in conformity to the paragraph 9th of the Law 28 “On Election of the President of Ukraine”, saying the journalists have right to be present at polling stations, including all sittings of election committee without any accreditation or authorization. Such demand is unlawful and have attributes of obstruction to professional activity of the journalist, he said.
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