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In Crimea, Russian gunmen seized equipment of Norwegian channel NRK's journalists

16.03.2014, 00:06

On March 11, on the border between the Crimean peninsula and the Ukrainian mainland unidentified masked men took away all equipment from the filming crew of the largest Norwegian TV and Radio Corporation NRK and accused them of being spies  у знімальної групи найбільшої Norwegian ої телерадіокорпорації NRK. The incident took place

when the journalists were returning from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by car  and were passing the checkpoint controlled by the unidentified masked men. In the NRK materials it is stated that the men on these checkpoints are Russian soldiers who do not hide the fact that they are Russian, but they wear no insignia. They do whatever they please. The Russian authorities deny that these are Russian soldiers. But the checkpoints are completely blocked by armored vehicles, there are a lot of soldiers and trucks. The Norwegian journalists believe that these gunmen have an order to seize all equipment, as the soldiers took away their laptops, memory cards with the footage and a video camera. The gunmen told the journalists that if they refused to give them the footage and the equipment they would start shooting. The gunmen were very aggressive and accused the journalists of spying. They also took away the journalists' protective gear – bullet-proof vests and helmets. 

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