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In Crimea, Russian gunmen captured two Ukrainian journalists

15.03.2014, 23:45

At the entrance to Crimea from Kherson oblast, Russian gunmen in the military uniform of the Russian army detained two groups of Ukrainian journalists. One of these groups consisted of two young women; they arrived to Crimea on a white Citroen with Ukrainian plates AK 4646 CE. When the groups were searched, the gunmen found on an arm of one of the young women a tatttoo "Heaven's Company" (a Maidan notion – this is a name for men and women KIA in the confrontation). One of the men in uniform started to threaten them: "Your company is about to become bigger by two". They first made the young women down on their knees and then took in an unknown direction. Currently, the women's phones don't answer. Later it became known that these two women are AvtoMaidan activists Kateryna Butko (the organization's press secretary) and Oleskandra Riazantseva (the one with the tattoo, from Yalta). Among those detained was another woman, the journalist of the Tyzhden media outlet, Olena Maksymenko. She also can not be contacted.

Another group of journalists, one of whom works for the Holovkom website, was also detained. The armed men took all money the Holovkom journalist had on him and later let him go.  

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