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In Crimea, «patrolmen» attacked STB filming crew live

15.03.2014, 23:39

in Simferopol two «patrolmen» attacked the filming crew of the STB TV channel during live standup in the evening news program «Vikna-Novyny» at 10 p.m.  The filming crew consisted of the journalist Oleksiy Simakov and operator Oleksander Albinskiy, with the help from the operator Viacheslav Skvorchevskiy and journalist Igor Levenok. They were planning two standups in a desolute part of the city. The first standup went well, then Oleksiy Simakov received a call from his army acquaintance, who told him about an attack by Russian gunmen on the Ukrainian military base in Sevastopol, and decided to mention this in his next standup. Then a car stopped near them, and men in camouflage and with the St.George's ribbons came from it and asked them what TV channel they were from. When they heard it was STB they stood behind the camera. As soon as as the journalist started to talk about the attack on the military base and beating of the journalists there, the patrolmen pulled the tripod and dropped the camera on the ground. They started pushing the operators and damaged the video equipment. They accused the journalists of lying, and told them they already dealt with the Channel 5 and 1+1 filming crews, and that they would chase all lying journalists away and told them to run while they were still nice and only damaged the equipment.  

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