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In Crimea, militia assaulted well-known news photographer

11.03.2014, 18:43

On March 4, in downtown Simferopol, on the square in front of the Council of Ministers of Crimea the so-called militia (members of the community defense volunteer squads formed in Crimea) attacked the well-known local news photographer Andriy Kanishchev. According to him, on Lenin Square some man started to vocally express his negative opinion about Russia and Vladimir Putin. Militia volunteers approached him and told him to stop shouting offenses. When he refused they started to push him. Kanishchev was passing by and saw the brawl so he started to make photos. The crowd started to shout that he was an instigator, and militia volunteers switched to him. The demanded that he gave them the memory card from his camera, and when he refused they pulled him to their HQ. At that moment, police arrived and took everybody involved in the conflict to the police station. 

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